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Frequently Asked Questions

Team of Tutors understands that parents and students are busy so we did the homework for you and answered your questions.

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Who are your tutors?

We have a mix of teachers and college students on our team. Each tutor specializes in a specific subject and grade level. Our tutors are 100% sharp at their chosen content areas. Whether it be tutoring in math, science, reading, or test preparation, we will match you with the right tutor for your child. 

How does your virtual tutoring work?

Online tutoring works great with most students, especially middle school and up. It is convenient with no travel or extra stress. With our smart whiteboard, the tutor and student can add-in assignments and work out problems simultaneously. Since we tutor one-on-one, it means constant attention and questions, no time for daydreaming like in a large school virtual class. I recommend trying an online session, if it does not work for whatever reason, we can always make a switch. 

What subjects do you tutor?

We tutor all subject areas and grade levels from kindergarten through college. We also offer test preparation for SAT, ACT, FAST, and HSPT. Please see our “subjects and levels” page for a more detailed list.

How are you different than other tutoring centers?

Our instruction and approach are completely tailored to the needs and goals of each child. Our tutoring is always one-on-one which allows us to go at the student’s pace and creates a comfortable setting to ask questions. Our tutors focus on current class material through homework help, test review, filling missing gaps, and even working ahead. We also strongly believe in incorporating study skills, test taking strategies, and organization into our tutoring instruction.

Where will the in-person tutoring sessions take place?

We meet in-home or at a nearby public location such as a local coffee shop or library.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions are typically an hour, but the length varies from student to student depending on what they need. If there is more than one subject being reviewed or an upcoming exam for the week, you have the option of extending the session. We use 15 minute intervals for billing.

How frequently do students receive tutoring services?

It depends! The frequency of tutoring sessions depends on a variety of factors, such as student needs and goals, family schedule, family budget, etc. We find that most students are tutored once or twice per week.

How and when do I pay?

An invoice is sent after the first session and then every 2 weeks thereafter. We accept payment through zelle, venmo, or cash app.

Do you have contracts or additional costs?

No contracts whatsoever. We operate session by session and you pay as you go. There are no registration or testing fees. 

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel and ultimately reschedule a session for a different date and time, please give us as much notice as possible. Cancellations with less than 24-hours notice will be charged a cancellation fee. That said, we understand that emergencies happen, and illness can occur suddenly. Because of this, we typically waive the cancellation fee for the first occurrence as a courtesy.

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